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Leff Electric Monthly Flyers

May 2015 Newsletter


  • GE Plug & Play 
  • GE: A-line for Enclosed Fixture  
  • GE FIRST A21 3-WAY LED: 50/100/150 REPLACEMENT 
  • GE GU24 60W/11W & 100W/16W
  • Eaton Dual Arc Fault/Ground Fault Circuit 
  • Lumark Night Falcon LED Floodlight 
  • 3M Spring Promo
  • TPI Fans
  • Juno NRWP1GY-6V5 & NRWP2GY-6V5
  • Hawaii Trip Promo

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  • November 2018 News
    Metallics Spray Paints in stock; Briggs & Stratton Generators in stock; Klein Telescoping Magnetic LED Pickup Tool, LED Clamping Light, and Hybrid Pliers.

  • October 2018 News
    New Satco Items; Hubbell SystemOne 4x4 Poke Through Floor Fitting and Universal Cover; BRK Onelink Wi-Fi Hardwired Smoke/CO Combo Alarm with Voice; BRK Onelink Safe & Sound Hardwired Smoke/CO Combo Alarm with Home Speaker & Embedded Alexa.

  • September 2018 News
    MC Lite Luminary Cable™ Type MC-PCS; Cooper Halo SeleCCTable Series; Early Bbird Specials - Super Low Prices on Raychem Ice Melting Products! v

  • Akron Counter Day (11:00-1:00) Metallics

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