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Leff Sales Team Featured in TED Magazine!

THE CERTIFIED ELECTRICAL PROFESSIONAL (CEP) designation is the highest honor accorded to a sales professional in the electrical distribution indust1y. The letters "CEP" after a sales associate's name mark the individual as a consummate electrical industry professional. 

For Will Rainey, a 27-year-old outside sales associate at Cleveland-based Leff Electric, CEP certification rendered a certain authority. "Adding CEP to my name has helped contractors recognize that I know something about the business," he said. But CEP did so much more than legit­imize him in his customers' eyes. CEP made Rainey a profoundly strategic sales professional. "Once enrolled in the CEP process, it accelerated my growth in that I began to understand further what would move me on my path to success," he said. Note: Rainey completed the CEP track for inside sales, and he is now an outside sales associate. 

Through CEP, Rainey learned how to prepare for sales calls, study product features and benefits, recognize buying cues, and communicate more effectively. "CEP hammered home the need for preparation for sales calls, meetings, and customer presentations-to go in with a plan: Identify what you want to sell and then educate customers to help them understand the value," he explained. 
While Rainey worked on earning his CEP certification, Leff was fine-tuning its Leff Managed Inventory (LMI) ser­vice. "By the time I completed my CEP certification, LMI was fully evolved," Rainey said. "The CEP training had given me the tools necessary to sell the service. I have been focused on managed inventory ever since."

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