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Put Our Inventory In Your Pocket!

Leff Electric's NEW mobile app provides intuitive, real-time access to your Leff account and the ability to view our inventory right from your smartphone or tablet.

On Android or Apple phones and tablet devices, you can manage all aspects including - Order Entry, Review Existing Orders, Bids and Invoices.  You can easily search for products and access all product-related data including pricing, availability, spec sheets, MSDS sheets, installation documents, and pictures.

Leff Mobile is a user-friendly mobile application designed for quick and easy access.  You can easily find all product data and build orders (shopping carts) from on easy-to-use screen.


  • Create and Submit Orders
  • View Existing Orders, Bids and Invoices
  • View Product Information, such as Pictures and Specifications
  • Attach Photos to Orders of Products a Customer Can't Find
  • Find, Create and Attach YouTube Videos about Installation, Product Overviews, and Marketing Brochures

  • December 2018 News
    Montego Bay Trip Promo; P&S GFCI receptacles; GE Type A Value LED Tubes; Halo Ultra-thin LED Lens Direct Mount Downlight with Remote Driver/Junction Box; LED Lighting Cable; December Trip Double Points Vendors: GE and P&S.

  • November 2018 News
    Metallics Spray Paints in stock; Briggs & Stratton Generators in stock; Klein Telescoping Magnetic LED Pickup Tool, LED Clamping Light, and Hybrid Pliers.

  • October 2018 News
    New Satco Items; Hubbell SystemOne 4x4 Poke Through Floor Fitting and Universal Cover; BRK Onelink Wi-Fi Hardwired Smoke/CO Combo Alarm with Voice; BRK Onelink Safe & Sound Hardwired Smoke/CO Combo Alarm with Home Speaker & Embedded Alexa.

  • Warrensville Hts Counter Day (11:30-1:00) Cooper Halo

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