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Philips InstantFit – This is real compatibility.

Other lamps claim compatibility, but only InstantFit has been proven to work with 50% more ballasts, delivering even light output, proven energy savings and a long average lifetime.

InstantFit works with 184 ballasts - more than any other lamp so you know it’s going to perform as expected and keep you from having to redo any jobs

Proven over 40% energy savings over fluorescent means a satisfied customer and no time wasted going back to a job

Lifetime delivered - average life rating of 50,000 hours, with up to 70,000 in the portfolio, means satisfied customers

Improved profit and more time growing business instead of doing rework

Light quality and performance predictability  consistent light output and no flicker means satisfied happy customers and no wasted time redoing a job.

In Stock at Leff!
#468272  10T8/48-3500 IF 10/1
#468280  10T8/48-4000 IF 10/1
#469387  13T8 LED/24-3500 IF-6U 10/1
#469395  13T8 LED/24-4000 IF-6U 10/1 View Document

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