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GE Type A Value LED Tubes - 4 ft

GE is a Trip Double Bonus Vendor for December 2018!

• Long life - 50,000 hour rated life (L70)
• 66% longer life than LFL (50,000 vs. 30,000 hours)
• Fast and easy LED upgrade
• Low energy LFL replacement
• Better quality of light– instant on
• Fully illuminates fixture- >270° light distribution
• Easy disposal, non-hazardous waste View Document

  • December 2018 News
    Montego Bay Trip Promo; P&S GFCI receptacles; GE Type A Value LED Tubes; Halo Ultra-thin LED Lens Direct Mount Downlight with Remote Driver/Junction Box; LED Lighting Cable; December Trip Double Points Vendors: GE and P&S.

  • November 2018 News
    Metallics Spray Paints in stock; Briggs & Stratton Generators in stock; Klein Telescoping Magnetic LED Pickup Tool, LED Clamping Light, and Hybrid Pliers.

  • October 2018 News
    New Satco Items; Hubbell SystemOne 4x4 Poke Through Floor Fitting and Universal Cover; BRK Onelink Wi-Fi Hardwired Smoke/CO Combo Alarm with Voice; BRK Onelink Safe & Sound Hardwired Smoke/CO Combo Alarm with Home Speaker & Embedded Alexa.

  • Warrensville Hts Counter Day (11:30-1:00) Cooper Halo

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