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GE New A-line for totally enclosed fixture

•Designed for totally enclosed fixtures like the Jelly Jar
•75W/12W replacement – 1100 lumens
•3000/5000 CCT
•70°C Ambient Temp Rating
  *Typical A19/A21 lamps are rated 40-45°C Ambient Temp

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  • August 2019 News
    Grand Openings in Portage and Warren/Youngstown; Outdoor Lighting In Stock; Lithonia CPX™ LED Edge-Lit Flat Panel; Eaton Yeti Cooler Raffle; 3M Safety T Promo; August Double Bonus Trip Points Vendors: Lithonia and General Cable.

  • July 2019 News
    Lutron Brown and Orange Shirts and Baker Mayfield Jersey Promotion; Trip double bonus points vendors: Caddy & GE.

  • Warren/Youngstown Grand Opening!

  • Portage Grand Opening!

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