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Eaton’s PRC3000 Lighting Power Reduction Panel

The energy manager that reduces operating costs with an imperceptible lighting loss.

In most applications, fluorescent lighting accounts for 40% to 80% of your electric bill. One way to reduce that cost is simply to turn the lights off. Building management systems save money by eliminating light. Now, with the PRC3000, you can keep the lights on and save money at the same time. The PRC3000 Lighting Power Reduction Panel has no effect on color temperature or CRI. The PRC3000 Lighting Power Reduction Panel dramatically reduces the cost of running fluorescent lights without sacrificing lighting quality.

Saves Energy on Fluorescent Lighting
Drops Electric Consumption — Saves Money
• Up to 15% with virtually no loss of light
• Up to 30% with minimal loss of light

Installs Quickly and Easily
• Uses existing T8 ballasts — No special ballast
• One PRC3000 Lighting Power Reduction Panel controls up to 2,000 fixtures

Delivers a Great ROI, Plus:
• Qualifies for incentives with most utilities
• Qualifies under EPACT tax act of 2005

Lowers Ballast Temperatures
• Ballasts last longer
• Reduces cooling load for extra savings

Programs Lights — Extra Savings
• Doesn’t count on “Last Person Out” to turn off lights
• Makes lighting changes and shuts down programmable events
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